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Bob Ross 1 hr DVD Autumn Stream [NEVER SEEN ON TV]


If you’ve not ‘put your dreams on canvas’ yet and think you might need a little more than a half-hour program to get started, these are perfect for you.

Instead of 30-TV minutes, Bob Ross spends a whole hour completing each of these masterpieces, carefully explaining the tools needed and giving ample time and attention to every brush stroke and technique.


This DVD is just perfect for beginners. Bob gives you an overview on his wet-on-wet technique, then he takes you step by step teaching you to paint this stunning landscape. I am an artist and a Bob Ross instructor and I can say these DVDs are an excellent learning tool. If the lesson gets going a little too fast, just pause and catch up! These DVDs make wonderful gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Share the Joy of Painting today!

If you need more information, feel free to send an email. I will be happy to answer any and all questions.

Bob Ross products are of the highest quality, I am proud to sell them and teach his legendary techniques. $3 Shipping Charges.



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